Patient Feedback Volunteer - West Midlands Hospice

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England | West Midlands Hospice
Hospice, Patient/Family Support

We want to continue to offer the best care and support that we can for people with terminal illnesses. But to do that, we need to understand our patients’ and carers’ experiences during their time with us and this is where you come in.

As a Patient Feedback Volunteer, you may be speaking with our patients or with their families after bereavement. You will spend time asking for their opinions and experiences on various topics, on a one-to-one basis, using questions and guidance to help you.

You do not need to be a computer whizz but just confident in using a simple webpage to record the answers. Some will just be clicking an agree/disagree box with a mouse but others will have comments. You will need to be able to type these answers and opinions accurately, keeping to their words as much as possible.

A further task will be to meet with your manager to discuss how any service improvements will be put into action, letting the patients know how their ideas and opinions are being used to improve the services, where appropriate.

You might also have the chance to attend selected hospice meetings as and when required.

This is an important and demanding role that will allow us to learn more about the experiences of our patients and carers. Sensitivity and outstanding listening skills are absolutely essential. Speaking with people who have recently been bereaved or to people with a terminal illness can be emotionally challenging. However, we know that they do want to help us help more people and improve our services to them. You will have the opportunity to make a difference to the future of our care and support.

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